10 Tips to Help You Stay Safe When Online Dating

With recent reports about internet scammer convictions, it is very simple to fear being deceived by a virtual relationship. We have a dedicated team of trust and security that works around the clock to keep you safe from scammers, but there are various steps as well you can take to stay safe when you have free online dating.

Here are the top 10 tips from our trusted team to avoid scammers, thus you can have an enjoyable dating experience:

Tip 1# Verification of Facts

Don’t be scared to Google somebody you only met online. When you have met on Facebook, just use Google’s search by image function to verify whether there are multiple Facebook profiles using a similar photo. Whether the person sending you a message is not the only person claiming to have their face, they know that they are probably looking at a fake account.

Tip 2# Be Smart

Fake Facebook accounts generally have a very low friend count, untagged photos, and photos that do not take in friends, family members, or daily adventures. If it looks like each photo is coming directly from a model portfolio, lift up that red flag.

Tip 3# Verify More

Though your first Google searches do not show anything suspicious, or they do and you are unsure that what to do with the hesitation – feel free to request a background verify on the person. Whether the person truly has your best interests, they won’t hurt themselves when they find out later that you took proactive steps to make sure you enter into a relationship cautiously.

Tip 4# Protect Yourself

Set privacy settings and be careful not to disclose too much private information. Although you are chatting with somebody who feels like an old friend, treat them like a stranger, as they are. When you finally find yourself, do it in a public place. Do not give your address until you are in an established relationship and in person. Read more!

Tip 5# Meet Immediately

It is very easy to keep secrets, or lies, when the relationship is severely online, by text message or even by phone call. When the distance makes an obstacle too big to meet in the near future, at least use Skype to provide them some face-to-face time. When the person you met online is shy to meet in person and continues to apologize for why they can’t reach you on Skype, the relationship is likely hopeless and something incomplete might be happening.

Tip 6# If It Sounds Too Good to Be Real, It Possibly Is

If your online date is a model-bar-anything, brag about their enormous luxury yacht, as well as claims to have invented an app that sells billions, they are maybe lying. Ask questions if something sounds strange or incredible. Whether the person is on the defensive, you probably have something.

Tip 7# Go Slow

Watch out for early declarations of love or sexy photo requests from your lover online. Don’t fall too rapid for somebody you don’t ever have met. You don’t know whom you’re falling in love with.

Tip 8# Don’t Be Scared to Offend or Inconvenience

You have every right to ask as many questions as necessary to reassure you if someone is chasing you online. It is not irrational to request evidence of hard-to-believe news. Whether they’re the ones who claim, making you feel safe will be a priority for them.

Tip 9# Share with Your Friends about the Relationship

Share some details with your closest friends and ask them whether they can make out any red flags. When they show concern, take it very seriously.

Tip 10# Always Be Honest with Yourself

Don’t ignore any doubts or feelings of embarrassment. You must not need to convince yourself to invest in online dating with somebody you haven’t met in person. Don’t let an appealing stranger or too long a despair convince you to deny your instincts about the stranger you just met.

The expression is true: It is always better to be safe than sorry. For more information, visit: https://www.ironstonepizza.com/why-do-we-date-people-who-look-like-us/