Why Do We Date People Who Look Like Us? 

They say opposites always attract, however, that is not essentially the case once it comes to your relationship. It turns out that most of us are really attracted to people who look like us – according to science.

A study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Newsletter asked a group of people to select which they considered was the most attractive: an image of a stranger transformed along with an image of themselves, or two strangers transformed together. In general, people selected the combination of the stranger as well as themselves as the most attractive picture.

The other study conducted by FiveThirtyEight.com, performed a user analysis on the popular online dating site eHarmony, detecting that both men and women are much more expected to send messages to those who are like them in education, race, and income, as well as in looks. Then there is the Boyfriend Twin Tumblr, with gay couples who look just about identical to the motto – What is sexier than dating yourself?

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We tend to socialize with other people who are similar to us in various ways, together with physical traits as well as abilities for the most part. Psychologist and Amusement doctor Dr. Jeremy Nicholson told us – These comparisons usually help make feelings of familiarity as well as trust among people, growing the probability of a potential working relationship between them.

As well as, this feeling is also transferred to intimate relationships. We are usually inclined to date somebody who usually looks like us or even one of our parents, for the reason that we are more eager to trust that person. Self-esteem is a piece of the puzzle here. If we love ourselves, we can yearn for another person similar to us, for the reason that is our way of long-lasting to feel self-love. You may need someone different to show you are really adorable if you don’t love yourself.

What is the most interesting part here is that several people cannot recognize that they are intentionally choosing a partner who has the same physical traits to them, because most of the time, we choose partners based on not only intuition but also emotions, instead of a logical process.

People tend to feel that they ultimately click with partners who are similar to them in various dimensions. They can feel that a partner is identical to you on the inside, just because they look like you on the outside. In addition, selecting similar-looking couples plays with the desire to have children. For those who want to have a mini-self, they can select a match with the same color of hair and eyes, thus increasing the possibilities of having a child with the same characteristics. Check here!

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Even as we may unconsciously search for others with similar characteristics and qualities, as some studies suggest that professionals on the subject still emphasize that it is more about our inner desire to get somebody who complements us, instead of who is similar to us. This is why sometimes opposites such as extrovert/introvert, tense/relaxed attract us. Just as looks like make comfort, so can distinctions, as the person has discovered lying to their yang.

The perfect partner is usually a balance between complementary and similarity. There can be a lack of trust with very little similarity and common ground to share the relationship. Both partners can become identical and boring, reducing desire as well as interest with very little complementary.

If you are the same or polar opposites, love specialists highlight that it is more significant to discover somebody who has very similar core values ​​and the same moral method as you. Not to mention that somebody you get emotionally, physically, intellectually, as well as spiritually appealing. Always point to somebody who treats you with respect, kindness, values, ​​and someone who always supports you

All of this is what will truly enhance your opportunities for a strong and healthy long-term future mutually. So keep in mind that just because you’ve found your opposite-sex twin, two blondes, or two perfect smiles, that combo doesn’t always correct.

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