The Downsides of Dating Apps, and How to Overcome Them

Online dating apps in 2020 have never been more popular. And, with the pandemic looming large, more people have turned to online dating to find their special someone. It’s easy to see why online dating has become so popular. Some people don’t like going to bars or just find it difficult to meet someone. Of course, when you’re new to the scene it’s scary but it has helped many couples find happiness. Unfortunately, there are a few downsides of dating apps. So, what are those downsides, and how can you overcome them?

Limitations with Certain Smartphones

While you might like the idea of online dating, you mightn’t own the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S series and that can present a problem. Unfortunately, some newer dating apps have software that’s only compatible with certain smartphones, namely the latest (and most expensive) ones. That’s a major drawback of new online dating sites and their apps; it’s incredibly frustrating because not everyone owns the latest must-have smartphone. To overcome this problem, it’s important to look at the dating site’s mobile features. So, instead of trying to download an app that’s incompatible with your smartphone, use their mobile version. You can get all the same features as the regular site only on a smaller version. As long as you have internet access you should be able to use the site.

It’s Easy To Overlook or Reject a Potential Match

One of the worst downsides of online dating apps in 2020 is how easy it is to overlook someone. For example, Tinder is a well-known site but people reject potential matches because of the photo they see. Now, whether you’re happy to use that route to find someone special or otherwise, it’s not always the most effective way to find a partner. Unfortunately, dating apps make it really easy to reject a match. However, you could overlook or reject your true love so it’s necessary to take a moment to look past a photo. Lots of people take awful photos or post silly photos that don’t reflect the true them. Instead of rushing to reject, look at their profile and find out if there might be a spark before you reject them. Check here!

Glitches and Technical Hitches

As said, some online dating apps in 2020 are geared towards the latest smartphone models so may fail to work properly with older models. That’s a problem but it’s not the only issue with dating apps. Another downside is the problem of technical hitches or glitches. Now, these are often resolved quickly but until they are, you have to put up with them. It’s incredibly frustrating to use a dating app when it isn’t running as it should. Fortunately, this is where some research comes into play. Before you sign-up to any online dating service, it’s important to look at the general feedback online concerning their mobile app.

You can find out if glitches are a constant issues or a once-a-year problem. Minor glitches are expected with most apps from time-to-time but not daily. If new online dating sites have continuous problems with their mobile app, it mightn’t be the right service for you at this time. That’s why it’s crucial to research the dating site before using their service.

The Genius of Online Dating Apps in 2020

Online dating doesn’t appeal to everyone but it can be a smart way to meet someone in this modern world. And, if you’re shy or don’t know how to find someone, dating sites could be the ideal option. Of course, you mightn’t meet someone immediately; it could take years to find true love, but the point is, there are opportunities. Even if you used online dating apps, you could still search the traditional way for your special someone. Online dating apps in 2020 have a few downsides but they can be easily overcome if you know how to tackle the problem. Learn more details at